Monday, September 8, 2008

end of summer happenings

Wow, it's been a busy end of summer! We spent ten days cruisin' up to Banff, which was amazing! We saw an incredible array of wildlife (grizzly, black bear, elk, big horn sheep, beaver) It's going to be hard to top that place... unless we go to Alaska, or Thailand, or Pluto.

We got back, and I made up for lost time at the farmers markets. Both Coupeville and Greenbank had such a great crowd of visitors. Now I'm at work making Christmas soap (Can you believe it???) We need to get the holiday soap into the stores the day after Halloween. It's creeping up on us!

So, end of summer vacation, kids back in school... what do I do? I get a new PUPPY! "Nicey" is so awesome! She's a smart little border collie, just two months old, and from a socialized family. We took her to soccer practice today, over a hundred kids, balls, other dogs... she wasn't even fazed, she loved all the attention! Our other dogs are actually OK with her (they get lots of love.) Nicey's favorite thing, among many, is the kids TUNNEL! She runs through it and rolls it like a hamster wheel, it's hilarious! Agility anyone?

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