Sunday, February 8, 2009

logo on my label

Isn't this cool? I finally have my logo on my bare-soap labels! Thanks Mindy, for making it all circular! Now I can promote my circle soaps, they're my favorite shape to make and use (especially when washing my face.)

Jan/Feb are my months to work on ideas and projects. The rush of the holidays is over and the goats have the winter off from milking. So, I've been working on marketing and thinking of ways to expand my wonderful soap business! I might even branch out OFF Whidbey Island! No way!

I can tell people are itching for spring, 'cuz everybody is starting to ask about milk and goat cheese (ya got any milk? ya got any cheese? please?) Our baby goats should be arriving the first week of March. With luck, I'll be there again to catch those kids. Then, I'll be out there at dawn, before the boys wake up for school, milking my big beautiful does (Cookie, Cupcake, Flashy.) You know I'll post the pics.