Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Close call for Easter

Well, we lost our new buckling on Sunday... Floppy Kid Syndrome. :-( I felt so bad - it happened so quick. Too little too late, I got Penicillin and baking soda.

So when I went out early this morning, I was shocked to notice Easter with the same wobbly, stand-offish demeanor. It sucks that I had to learn from experience, but if I hadn't just gone through it, I probably wouldn't have been able to save my Easter. I immediately gave her a shot of Penicillin and tried to get her to drink some baking soda. Sawyer & I then went to the feed store, got some electrolytes and B vitamins. I gave her a shot of the B complex. She didn't want to drink, so I got up the nerve to use a stomach tube. It was surprisingly easy, and it made all the difference. By this afternoon, so had a little spring to her step. Then this evening she drank the electrolytes from a bottle (good girl.) Hopefully she'll be OK when I go out in the morning.

Personally, I've never encountered Floppy Kids before. I know of two other farms that had this in the last couple weeks. One kid made it (with Penicillin) the other didn't.

Thank you Beth for all your help. Thank you also for offering to replace the sweet little buck.

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Lynnie said...

Adorable goats! How is Easter now? I think we lost a kid this year to Floppy Kid Syndrome, though in hindsight I wonder if maybe she had something else and there we were treating her for FKS. Goats can be confusing sometimes! We also have one named Easter who looks a bit like your Easter, though grown up! Good luck!